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The best party accessory

January 3, 2010 Cathy, Out and About House that Loves to Party

Have you ever been at a party catching up with old high school friends and had a sudden urge to pee? No worries! That’s just what I’m here for. A nice, old couple bought me a few years ago for all their outdoor parties. I’m the classiest party accessory ever! You might be asking yourself how a cardboard box like myself can be classy. Well, use your imagination.  You can be creative when designing one of us.

It’s easy to decorate me! For instance, take this elderly couple. They went down to their local hardware store and got spray paint that looked like marble. Now, I have marble-like walls that make me look very fancy. Missing out on the fun with me at the party is not an option! No one has to walk inside, so the whole party can stay outside!

I love what I do because I am such a people person, and people love me! I’m a clean and easy way to go to the bathroom!


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