Camping with a Portable Bathroom

From the Great Lakes to the Grand Canyon, the U.S. offers thousands of beautiful camping sites. But do they all have restrooms? Or even porta potties? Nope. That’s where the Out and About House comes in. Not everyone likes the idea of roughing it. So next time you go on a family camping trip, don’t forget to pack the Out and About House. It has the privacy some campers want and the portability all campers need! Have a favorite Out and About House camping story, or maybe a time when you wish you had the Out and About House? Tell us all about it!

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No more peeing in the woods while camping

No more peeing in the woods while camping

It’s five o’ clock, and Tammy’s friends have just finished their third round of drinks. Any minute they should come visit me—and there they are. As usual, right on schedule. Every Memorial Day, Tammy and her friends go camping and…

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The best party accessory

Have you ever been at a party catching up with old high school friends and had a sudden urge to pee? No worries! That’s just what I’m here for. A nice, old couple bought me a few years ago for…

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Perfect for camping

You know what my idea of roughing it is? The Hilton.  But my husband kept begging me to go camping “as a family.” I was dreading dragging my two kids (who are 5 and 8) with us. I didn’t want…

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